Yolanda has left not just houses destroyed and lives lost but also many injured. Many of the injuries are due to debris carried by strong winds and storm surge. You have lacerations and fractures among such injuries which remain untreated for some as the injured do not have access to hospitals or they simply ignore… [Continue Reading]

Ormoc City after Yolanda

Take a look at the picture above. If you see the small red arrow just near the front wheel of the red vehicle, you will notice blocks of ice. Those blocks of ice are just lying on the street on top of the street’s drainage system. I was passing by this street and saw persons… [Continue Reading]


Cute is a word most likely used to describe chubby kids. But being chubby may not be cute after all as these kids may actually be among those having childhood obesity without their parents realizing it. Unfortunately, “obese” may sometimes be mistaken as “healthy” as some parents may have the idea that a visibly fat child is a… [Continue Reading]